Sayulita Jicara Holiday Ornaments

Sayulita Jicara Holiday Ornaments

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The Jicara Ornaments are hand-carved from calabash fruit that is natural to the area of Oaxaca, Mexico. The jicaras or calabashes, are first hollowed and then painted to begin the carving process. The carvings are inspired by the artisan's natural surroundings which is why all of our ornaments are hand-carved with birds, rabbits,  squirrels, and other special creatures. 

  • Color: White
  • Detail: Each ornament is hand-carved with a unique nature-inspired animal, such as a bird, squirrel, rabbit, or others. There is no way to determine which one you will receive.
  • Size: Sizes will vary from 3-5". Each piece is one of a kind and no two are the same.

Note: Due to the nature of handcrafted products, there may be minor variations in size and color.

Why choose us?

Giving Back

Finding Vettey works directly with artisans to provide fair trade and good quality products. Our goal is to give back a portion of our proceeds to their community to provide them with educational resources for their children and any special needs for their families.

Keeping Tradition Alive

Finding Vettey strives to keep tradition alive. All of our products are purchased straight for the source to provide authenticity for each product.