Being a daughter of immigrant parents, I always felt the need to reconnect with my roots and my culture. I really wanted to know the reason of why I am who I am, why I do the things I do, why I celebrate what I celebrate. I wanted to explore Mexico and other Central and South America countries. I yearned to know each country; its beauty, its culture and its people. 

In 2016 I quit my job, I filled a backpack with clothes, grabbed a notebook, a camera, my phone, and my dreams and bought a one-way ticket to Panama; and that is how Finding Vettey was born.

When visiting each country, I quickly fell in love with the people, who even though knew nothing about me, received me with open arms and immediately opened up to share with me their stories. In Guatemala, I took a workshop of Telar de Cintura or Waist Loom Weaving, I watched the Guatemalan artisans hand weave each piece with such ease and passion and at the same time teach their children in the same way they had been taught by their mothers and fathers, I learned to value the work behind each piece. Each piece had a story to tell, not one less intriguing than the other. 

In 9 months, I had traveled to Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Cuba and then back to Guatemala where I met my husband with whom we share two beautiful little boys, Ayden and Lucas. My plans to open my business were put on hold then, but re-sparked during an emergency trip to Mexico this year when I found the handmade Traditional Otomi masks! 

Our products are made with love and quality to support women and families. Each product that is handmade by the women and their families carry a story behind them. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to our page and that you fall in love with each piece of art designed with love. Our goal at Finding Vettey is to bring more products from around the world to continue to help the women and families that make these masterpieces as well as to bring you joy when you receive your orders.

A portion of our proceeds will go back to these communities to help a family or a person grow their business or continue their education. The goal is to help them and in return help their community. We also want a portion of our proceeds to go back to our communities here in the US and help children of immigrant parents with scholarships for early education or college. 

Together we can help each other be a better community local and around the world!