Barro Negro Round Taza Cup

Barro Negro Round Taza Cup

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Savor the flavor of your favorite coffee or tea in our unique and stylish Barro Negro Round Taza Cup. Handcrafted by the artisan, Siria Martinez from San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca, this cup is sure to bring you on an exciting journey with each sip! 

  • Sizes vary around 3" H x 4" W
  • Can carry upto 9 oz 
  • Material: Barro Negro
  • Handwash only

Note: Due to the nature of handcrafted products, there may be minor variations in size and color. A small chip-like texture on the surface could be found but it is normal.  

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    Giving Back

    Finding Vettey works directly with artisans to provide fair trade and good quality products. Our goal is to give back a portion of our proceeds to their community to provide them with educational resources for their children and any special needs for their families.

    Keeping Tradition Alive

    Finding Vettey strives to keep tradition alive. All of our products are purchased straight for the source to provide authenticity for each product.